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Getting started

Help and advice for getting started with tiny+

Welcome to tiny+!

We're glad to have you as part of the tiny+ family.
We invite you to take some time to review the information in this Getting Started section of our Knowledge Base, which should help you get your tiny+ account up and running in no time.

First steps for a new tiny+ account

Here are some quick first step suggestions to help you on your way to setting up your tiny+ account.

First steps for a new tiny+ user

Here are some quick first steps to getting tiny+ set up just for you.
  • Review our Guides to understand some of the fundamental concepts in tiny+
  • Add your most important leads on the Projects page
  • Add your most important clients on the Companies page
  • Make your first news feed post about a company or a project
  • Install our iOS or Android app
  • Using Outlook? Sync your contacts and activities with our Office 365 integration.