Office 365

You can use tiny+ to synchronise your contacts and calendar items between your Office 365 Outlook mail account and tiny+.


  1. An active Office 365 Exchange-Online mailbox. (This sync does not work directly with any Outlook mail account, it needs a Microsoft-hosted Office 365 or account)

  2. (sometimes) Domain Administrator approval to grant tiny+ permissions to your Microsoft account. This will depend on how your mail server and Active Directory permissions have been configured.

Connecting your tiny+ account to Office 365

In tiny+, click on the settings cog in the top right, and select User Settings. From the left side menu, select Linked Accounts. Then select sign in (pictured below). You will be taken through a Microsoft authentication process; where you will also be asked to grant tiny+ permission to access your mail account.

Performing an initial Contacts sync

Navigate back to User settings -> Contacts Sync.

With your Office 365 account connected, you can now perform an initial sync. Depending on the number of contacts associated with your account this may take several minutes.

Performing an initial sync will create a new subfolder in your Outlook contacts called ‘tiny+’. Any new contacts added to this folder will be synchronised with tiny+, and any new contacts associated with your user in tiny+ will be sent to this Outlook folder.

Sync options

Once you’ve performed the initial sync, your contacts will remain in two-way sync. Changes made in one system may take a few minutes to appear in the other. You can also manually perform a sync in either direction using the controls on the User Settings -> Contacts Sync page (pictured).

Disabling / deleting the sync

If you would like to turn off the sync, you can use the Delete this sync button on the Contacts Sync page. Note that this will not delete the contacts either in Outlook or tiny+, and you should do this yourself if you need to.

Calendar Sync

As of November 2019, our Calendar integration is one-way only, from tiny+ to Office 365.

Once you have connected your tiny+ account to Office 365, you can also enable a sync of calendar items, such as Tasks, Meetings and Events.

  1. Navigate to User Settings -> Calendar Sync.

  2. Choose Enable Sync.

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