Designing your client relationship pipeline

Design a business development process for your firm with a client relationship pipeline.

What is a client relationship pipeline?

In tiny+ all companies can be assigned a Relationship Status. This status is intended as a method to help identify the important client companies you and your team are managing.

There are four main states a company's Relationship Status may be:

The Client Relationship Pipeline is intended for tracking and nurturing clients. Therefore, not every company that you know and which may appear in your tiny+ database fits into a Prospect, Active or Latent state. These companies should be saved as (not set).

Once a Relationship Status is set, each client company will appear in Client Relationship Pipeline views on the Companies page.

Configuring your client relationship pipeline

You must be an Account Admin to configure the Client Relationship Pipeline.

Similar to your Project Pipeline, you can expand each of the three major Relationship Status states with phases. This allows you to identify a common business development process for winning new client and nurturing existing client relationships.

For example, under the Prospect state you might define phases of Uncontacted, Nurturing and Active Opportunity.

To get started, navigate to Account Settings -> Pipelines -> Configure Standard Company Pipeline.

From this page, you can create, edit, re-order and remove phases.

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