Our pitch

Why is tiny+ the ideal CRM tool for design firms?

Collaboration first

tiny+ puts collaboration first as the key to solving business development challenges in a professional services firm.

It’s designed to be used by everyone in the business, not just those who are nominally responsible for marketing and business development.

By their nature, social collaboration tools are inherently more engaging than reporting platforms. Because of this, we have found users far more engaged in both the structured and unstructured processes built into tiny+ over a more traditional CRM. The other benefit of this focus on collaboration is the fundamental impact this approach can have on a business’s culture; its shared understanding of its projects and its relationships with its clients.

tiny+ works by creating a central collaboration space, called the news feed, that’s seen by everyone in the business. The news feed gives your team members a place to share their work, their thoughts and the business development processes.

Because it is a CRM, tiny+ focuses the conversation on your relationships; the companies, contacts and projects you’re working on.

The news feed becomes a central watering hole, a place that provides updates on changes it learns about such as when a new project is added, and unstructured feedback and stories from your team about their interactions with clients and projects in the market.

tiny+ invites everyone in the business to take some responsibility for business development and client relationship management.

Team engagement

The benefit of using tiny+ as a collaboration tool is that you capture a much broader range of information than just structured data in fields. The less structured stories that are absolutely crucial to the health and development of your business’s relationships are placed front and centre in tiny+.

So rather than reviewing a monthly report showing the 100 new clients you’ve contacted in the past 30 days, your organisation and management gets access to a real-time interactive news feed story about each meeting, documenting and sharing the discussions that took place and sharing the business development process across the team.

This benefit is, to some extent, less tangible than the ability to generate a report. However, the impact this approach can have on your organisation’s culture can be profound.

Who is tiny+ for?

Firms that:

  1. value openness and collaboration, and want to remove silos of information

  2. believe in looking outward; being focused on the client

  3. have long term partnerships with their clients and industry, rather than transactional relationships

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