Building Lists

Lists let you build and sort catalogues of projects, companies or contacts

What is a List in tiny+?

Just that... you can build lists of contacts, lists of projects, lists of companies that relate to a part of your business, a marketing initiative --- anything you need!

Setting up a List in tiny+

Standard Lists vs Target Lists

When you first create a list you will note there are two types of list available in tiny+... a Standard List and a Target List.

The key difference between these two types of list is that a target list has extra reporting capabilities attached to it, but has a limit of 100 items that can be added to it. Choose the Target List option if you are building a list of key prospects or target clients.

List visibility

The other important option when creating a List in tiny+ is the Visibility setting. You can create lists that are visible just for you, or lists which is visible to all users.

Adding items to Lists

Once you have created your list you can add items to your List in three ways.

Note that if you have made the list visible to all users, other tiny+ users can also add to and modify your list -- so you can collaboratively build a list of contacts, projects or companies using any of the following methods.

Method 1 - from the List page

Click the 'Change Items' button, then type the name of the project, company or contact you wish to add to the list.

Method 2 - from any multi-record tabular view

Select the record(s) you wish to add to the List, then in the blue bar at the bottom of your screen, find the '+ to List' option.

Method 3 - from a project, company or contact's page

On any record's page, look for the 'Lists' section, and then choose '+ Add to a List'.

Target Lists - reporting capabilities

When you create a special Target List, you can access extra reporting capabilities with the records associated with that list.

  • The Project Pipeline report can be generated against a Target List of Projects

  • A Recent Activity report can be generated against of a Target List of Projects or Companies

  • A Related Projects report can be generated against a Target List of Companies.

Contact Lists for Marketing purposes

Once you have built a List of Contacts, you can use this list to connect with marketing platforms like Mailchimp and Campaign Monitor. These integrations can be found in the Account Settings -> Integrations page.

Exporting your Lists to Excel

You can extract your list data to Excel by clicking the 'Export to .xlsx' button.

Additionally, if you have build a list of Companies, you can also export the related Contacts for those Companies by clicking the 'Export related Contacts to .xlsx' button.

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