Importing your content

Bring your contacts, client and projects into tiny+

Importing from a spreadsheet

Before you begin, take the time to review your data carefully. A few minutes in Excel cleaning up before you import it into tiny+ can save you some headaches down the track.

All your data currently in spreadsheets? No sweat... tiny+ lets you import all your contacts, projects and company records directly from your .xlsx or .csv file.

Finding the Import tool

You must be an Account Admin to import records.

For Projects: from the home screen, navigate to Projects -> All Projects. Import Projects will be an option on the right hand menu.

For Companies: from the home screen, navigate to Companies -> All Companies. Import companies will be an option on the right hand menu.

For Contacts: from the home screen, navigate to Contacts. Import contacts will be an option on the right hand menu.

Custom categories

Do you have categories or tags in your spreadsheet that you would like to import into tiny+?

For example, you might have a column in your spreadsheet which identifies if a contact is a Client/Supplier/Consultant.

If so, before you begin your import it's worth setting up these categories in tiny+ first.

Once the categories are set up, make sure the tags are set up in your spreadsheet correctly. One column per category, and multiple tags separated by a semi-colon (;).

Then, simply match the category in tiny+ to the correct column during your import.

Importing a Team list for a project, company or contact

You can provide a semi-colon-separated list of team members in a column to import multiple related team members to a project, company or contact.

Managing duplicates during import

Planning to do several imports? Or maybe your spreadsheet has some double-ups with records already in tiny+? Don't stress, tiny+ can reduce duplicates wherever possible by doing smart field matching. For example, for Contacts we will check for matches on:

  • email address + full name

  • company name + full name

  • mobile phone number

We have similar sensible duplicate checks for Projects and Companies.

If we detect a duplicate, we will attempt to fill in any fields from your import that are not currently in the existing record, and attach the 'Assigned To' user you specify to the record's Team list.

You can disable this feature by unchecking 'Reduce duplicates?' before you start your import.

Got a single spreadsheet that contains both Contact and Company data?

Easy. We recommend that you do TWO imports using the same spreadsheet file.

  1. First import the companies, and ignore any contact-specific fields when field-matching during the import.

  2. Then import the contacts, and ignore all company-specific fields, except for matching the Company Name field in your spreadsheet to the Related Company tiny+ field.

  3. That's it!

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