Use tiny+’s Ratings + Assessments tool to develop short questionnaires in tiny+ that can be undertaken against a company or project.

Initial setup

Step One - Set up your first Assessment

Navigate to Account Settings -> Ratings + Assessments.

Then for an assessment you’d like completed against companies select create new company assessment or against projects create new project assessment. After you’ve created the assessment, click on the link to open it.

Step Two - Set up your questions

On the Assessment page, navigate to the Questions tab. Here you can set up your assessment questions, which your users will complete. Each question consists of a Title, and explanatory notes, both of which are shown to your users when they are completing the assessment.

You must also specify a response type – this can be:

  • Rating (between 0 and 5)

  • Rating + Text Response

  • Text response only

You must have at least one question, and you may have as many as you’d like.

Step Three - Activate the assessment

Once you change your assessment to ‘Active’ you will no longer be able to edit the questions.

Once you have set up the questions to your satisfaction, you should change your assessment status under the Overview tab from Inactive to Active to allow your users to begin completing assessments. You can also take this opportunity to rename the assessment.

Completing an assessment

Once you have activated your assessment, these can be completed by you and your users in a few ways:

  • Under the newly visible Assessments tab for the company or project

  • Under the [...] button next to a company or project in their pipeline view (pictured below)

How ratings are generated by assessments

Once assessments are completed against a company or project, if you have asked at least one question which asks for a Rating response, the assessment will generate an average rating number from all the questions which ask for a rating. This number will be between 1.0 and 5.0.

Admin tools available

On an individual company or project, you can create an assessment to be completed at a later date by choosing Request a Client Assessment from another team member.

You can review / edit / delete assessment responses by navigating to Account Settings -> Ratings + Assessments -> [Your Assessment name]. Then going to the Responses tab.

This tab also offers you and export facility for all assessments.

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