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Some tips for how you can best use the tiny+ news feed
Day-to-day you’ll use tiny+ to share your news and follow what’s happening with your colleagues via the News Feed. The News Feed is a central place for you to keep up with what’s going on in your firm.
You can share posts, comments, pictures and documents to the News Feed to keep everyone in the loop about your work, your projects and your clients. You can interact with other people’s posts via a Like, or Comment to add your own information to a thread where you can help.
Some examples of things which are great to share on tiny+
  • Met a potential new client? Post the story.
  • Seen a client in the news? Share the link.
  • Won the job? Celebrate with a quick update.
  • Been out on site? Upload a few photos from your visit.
  • Found an interesting project online? Share the link with the team.