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SharePoint / Intranet

You can embed certain tiny+ views into your SharePoint or other intranet platform
Using iframes you can embed certain views from tiny+ into your intranet platform.

Embedding the News Feed

An example implementation

<iframe src="" width="800" height="700"></iframe>

Embedding a News Feed Channel

You can locate the Channel ID required in the tiny+ address bar when you have the channel page open.

An example implementation

<iframe src="[channel_id]" width="800" height="700"></iframe>

Embedding the Event Calendar

An example implementation

<iframe src="" width="800" height="700"></iframe>

Embedding a single project or company pipeline column

Explanation of URI components

projects_or_companies - which pipeline to show -- use projects for the project pipeline or companies for the client relationship pipeline.
phase_id_or_status_name - a valid pipeline phase ID. These IDs can be found in the Project Pipeline and Client Pipeline sections in your Account Settings. If you have not set up phases under a particular status (proposed, won, active, lost, cancelled) you can use the status name instead.
pipeline_id_or_type - optional. Leave this blank or use the phrase all to show ALL records, or insert either the ID of a custom pipeline or the phrase assigned to show the user's individually assigned pipeline.

For example...

To embed your list of Active projects:
To embed a projects pipeline column with phase id of 1234,

An example implementation

<iframe src="" width="300" height="800"></iframe>